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Growing up can be tough in today's world.  You have so many things competing for your time and attention: friends, family, significant others, school, sports, etc.  Alcohol and other drugs are another serious pressure that you will have to navigate in your youth.  Getting the correct information is a great way to make an educated choice when it comes to these pressures.  Read on to get the real scoop.

Cannabis use has different effects on a young person - find out why.

This youth version of Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG) was developed for youth, by youth, in collaboration with CAMH’s Youth Engagement Initiative and National Youth Action Council(NYAC), and the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). This youth education resource provides information on safer ways to use cannabis using evidence-based recommendations. It may be also be a useful tool to start a conversation about cannabis use with young people across Canada.

Under Construction: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

There is no magic goat...

Alcohol and Other Drugs

YOU control your life and the direction you choose to take it!

There is no single age group of people more affected by alcohol and drugs than young people.  In some ways it may feel like it is an issue everywhere:  for you, your family and your friends.  Plain and simple, try as you might, you cannot escape the issues of alcohol and drugs.  That being  said, it is possible to know the risks you face, ways to reduce those risks, and people you can talk to about these issues.

It doesn't matter if you've never tried alcohol or other drugs, if you've experimented a couple times or if you are a regular user - it's your decision.

This section can give you some important information to make a knowledgeable decision.

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Healthy Relationships 

We have relationships with parents, siblings, relatives, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers and classmates. Relationships have the potential to make us happier people and add to our feelings of self-worth. These are healthy relationships.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Feel comfortable and secure
  • Support one another
  • Communicate openly
  • Encourage other friendships

What is an Unhealthy Relationship look like?



Your party, your problem…

When you host a party, you want it to be a good time - an opportunity for you and your guests to unwind a little.

When alcohol is involved, unwinding can sometimes go too far: the actions of an intoxicated guest can lead injury or even death.

You can be held responsible, even if you're just a youth.  You and your parents can be sued - and sued big - even if you didn't actually serve a drop of liquor.