Youth - Liability

Think About It...your party, your problem

When you host a party, you want it to be a good time - an opportunity for you and your guests to relax and have fun. 

When alcohol is involved, sometimes partying can get out of control and the actions of a drunk guest can lead to injury or even death.

You can be held responsible, even if you're just a youth.  You and your parents can be sued - and sued big - even if you didn't actually serve a drop of liquor.

Check out these important links from MADD Canada to learn about how alcohol at parties can legally affect you.
Alcohol, Teens, and Catastrophe
Sobering Thoughts on Safe Partying: A Guide to Avoiding Legal Liability
Being Sued Can Ruin a Good Party: A Social Host's Guide

Tips to Reduce Your Party Liability

Plan with parents.

Have a guest list.

Don't advertise publicly. 

Make social media invites "private."

Keep party active. 

Keep it small, smaller parties are easier to manage.

Set clear rules and limits.

Lock up alcohol and medication. 

Have only one entrance and exit.

Keep emergency numbers close at hand.

Keep the party active, don’t make alcohol or other drugs the focus of the party.

Know who to call before things get out of control.


Getting Home - Helpful Ideas...

  • Know where you are going. 
  • Get the name and address of the location. 
  • Get the phone number  - make sure your parent or another trusted adult has this information.
  • Share 1 or 2 friend's phone number's with your parent or trusted adult 
  • Call home for a ride - talk to your parents about this ahead of time
  • Travel with a trusted friend and share a ride.
  • Make sure you have money, a cell phone, and taxi numbers to help you get home safely!

Spenny from Kenny vs. Spenny thinks it's stupid to drink and should you.