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When it comes to alcohol and other drugs, PARENTS MATTER!

Read Rethink Your Drinking's Parents Matter Booklet to review strategies to help parents to prevent or delay youth alcohol and other drug use. 

Review Health Canada's Tip Sheet on Talking With Your Youth About Vaping

  • Before the Talk: Get the Facts
  • Set a Positive Example
  • Start the Conversation
  • Keep the Conversation Going


Learn how to talk with your teen about cannabis - Drug Free Kids Canada Cannabis Talk Kit. 

Keeping the lines of communication open can make a big difference in preventing your teen's drug use.

Read Drug Free Kids Canada's Cannabis Talk Kit to help start the conversation now.

Smoke is Smoke

Cannabis, Tobacco or a Hookah, it doesn't matter...ALL smoke is harmful.  

Prescription Opioid Information Sheets for: 

Drug Free Kids Canada's latest campaign, “The Call That Comes After,”  aims to drive home the dangers of high driving and being a passenger in a car with a driver who has used cannabis to parents and teens.

Drug Free Kids Canada has developed a modern tool of communications allowing parents an easy way to begin an important conversation with their kids about the dangers of driving high - even when it's not easy.  We urge parents to try it out.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of the two is very dangerous.  The use of any psychoactive (mind-altering) drug makes it highly unsafe to drive a car and is illegal—just like driving after drinking alcohol.

High driving puts at risk not only the driver but also passengers and others who share the road.

Read and Print the "Think About Partying" booklet to learn about the pressures facing teens today:

  • Driving
  • Energy Drinks
  • Party Pressures
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Healthy Relationships 
Read and Print the "Think About It" booklet to learn more about your youth:

  • What's going on with them?!!
  • So what's a parent to DO?!!
  • Working through difficult situations
  • Listen
  • Can't I just ground them until they're 19?!!
  • What about the rest of us?!!
  • Five golden rules of discipline
  • More information
Read and Print the Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) Parent Action Pack Resource  

"Are You Prepared to Help Your Teen Make Good Decisions? Stats, Facts and Talking Points About Alcohol and Other Drugs" 

The Parent Action Pack educates parents and caregivers on:

  • How teenagers think and how to have a positive influence
  • Alcohol and other drug facts
  • How to talk to your teen


Mind Your Mind's "Getting High?" Interactive Tool

When most people think about taking a substance they only consider what the substance is. You also need to consider where you will be when you're taking it, who you will be with, what kind of mood you're in and more. This tool is about making decisions about drug use and is not intended to be medical advice. 

Games / Teaching Tools

Test Your Alcohol and Sexual Health Knowledge 

Check out the Middlesex-London Health Unit's "Adventures in Sex City" Part 2 - Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 

Youth Services - School Assembly Program - In the Blink of an Eye

MADD Canada's school assembly programs bring high-energy drug and alcohol impaired driving awareness and risk reduction messaging to the world of education.

The programs are designed to communicate directly with young people on their level and in their language and encourage them to take a closer look at their values and perceptions.

For more information about cost, availability or to book a presentation please call MADD Canada at: 1-800-665-6233 or the Ontario representative  – Laura Laidman, ext. 233 or email