Parents are the #1 influence in a child’s life.  Take the time to sit down and talk about your family’s rules and consequences regarding alcohol and other drug use.  Creating a unique plan together as a family can help build agreement and reduce alcohol and other drug misuse for your family. 

Looking for ideas to help start the conversation?

Check out this video for ideas on preventing underage drinking.

Learn about strategies to help prevent/delay alcohol and other drug use with your youth.   

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Do you know about your youth's alcohol and other drug use?

  • What substances are youth using?
  • Do you know why youth experiment with alcohol/drugs?
  • How can you help prevent or reduce your youth's alcohol/drug use?
  • Have you talked to your youth about your family's rules around alcohol/drugs?  Do you have rules and consequences?  Check out our "Families Rule" pamphlet to start the conversation.
  • What can you do to recognize the signs of alcohol/drug use with your youth?
  • Watch a "Talking to your Teens about Alcohol and Other Drugs" 6-part video series.


Healthy Relationships

Do you know how to discuss healthy relationships with your youth?

  • What does is mean to have a healthy relationship with your youth when we talk about alcohol and other drugs?
  • Should you as a parent provide alcohol to your underage youth?
  • What about role modelling?
  • What can you teach your youth about what to look for in a healthy relationship vs. an unhealthy relationship?




YOU are legally responsible for what happens on your property, in your home or for your child's actionsYou can be held liable;

  • Even if you are not present
  • Even if you don't know guests are drinking alcohol
  • Even if guests brought their own alcohol

When youth are involved:

The courts are likely to be even more critical of your actions if you bought or provided the alcohol for the underage event.