Can't We Just Ground Them Until They're 19?!?

It may feel like your teen is thoughtful, bright, and responsible one minute and then impulsive and reckless then next - how can this be the same person?  

It's important to remember that a teen's brain is not wired the same as an adult's and for this reason, youth don't always make the best choices.  

This is one more reason why you as a parent, and the conversations and rules you make together, are so important!

When it comes to rules and consequences, remember:
  • Youth actually feel more secure when they have clear boundaries on issues like alcohol, drugs, and curfews but don't make them up on the fly. Hammer out rules well ahead of time.  It's also a good idea to revisit them as your child grows up - build in more and more freedom and responsibility as time goes on.
  • Asking your youth what consequences they feel are appropriate and negotiating from there encourages them to take accountability for their actions and enhances the lines of communication.
  • Consequences are a part of life, but they need to make sense and have limits.

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